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Menu planning & engineering

Menu Planning & Engineering: How to Raise Restaurant Profits min 20% or More

In general, the term menu engineering is how a hotel displays or presents a list of Food & Beverage items for guest choice. Typically, the goal with menu engineering is to maximize hotel's profitability by subconsciously encouraging guests to buy what you want them to buy, and discouraging purchase of items you don't want them to buy.

Fields of study which contribute most to menu engineering include:

Psychology (perception, attention, emotion etc)

Managerial Accounting (contribution margin and unit cost analysis)

Marketing and Strategy (pricing, promotion)

Graphic Design (layout, typography)

Although you likely have a target overall food cost in your establishment, not every menu item will carry the same food cost percentage. Some items are costlier than others, but most establishments will have a range of prices that all the menu items fit into. Consequently, it is important to balance the menu so that the low and high food cost items work together to help you reach your target food cost. This process is called menu engineering which means balancing the high and low food cost items; it also includes strategically featuring or promoting items to help reach your targets.

To achieve the above objective, we plan as follows:

To decide the menu type most suitable for the outlet - fine dining, casual dining, QSR, banquets & conference, coffee-shop, bar etc.

To plan menu along with recipe costing as per out let requirement

Types of menus - a la carte, TDH (Table d'hote) or fixed menu table service, buffet menu, beverage menu, cyclical menus

Tailor made procedures for food production methods

To identify professional printing agency for menu printing

Standard portioning and standard yield of food products

Food & Beverage Costing procedures and methods to keep costs under strict control

Wastage control procedures

Food trials and launching plan​