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​Hotel & Resort Project & Management Consultants​

streamlining of hotel operations

Hotel operations and management services


Aum Consultants can assist in identifying the most challenging areas of your hotel operations and design and deliver highly-customized consulting solutions that precisely meet your requirements. We provide operational consulting to hotel's seeking improved financial performance, guest satisfaction and team morale. Typically, these services include analysis of a hotel's market, competitive strengths and opportunities, and operational recommendations and guidance. Should it be desired, We will assist with the implementation of recommendations at the property level as needed.

The Aum Consultants will complete a thorough review of the Property and Staff. This will encompass all facets of the Operation including Past Financial Analysis, Forecast Projections, Review of Standards and Procedures as well as the Sales and Marketing performance and plan. The product also needs to have a review from a customer and owner’s perspective and our team will determine a snapshot of how the property is considered. The complete Review will form the basis of a Strategic Master Plan to realize its potential.​

Initial Review
Streamlining of Hotel Operations of

following departments:

Rooms Division
Food & Beverages
Sales & Marketing
Purchasing & Stores
Information Technology
Human Resources
Reporting & MIS